Marketing, reservations, and more

We know that starting a glamping business is often complicated - but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our expert industry knowledge and proven methods, we make it simpler than ever to increase your bookings without wasting time and money.

Key Features

All of your digital marketing needs answered

We offer a range of digital marketing solutions to help get your brand out there. From market research and branding workshops to content creation and social media advertising, we have a proven method to reach new audiences and drive business to your glamping site. We save you time and money by building a strong brand, website, and community for your business that delivers tangible results.

SEO optimized listings distributed to the top booking sites

This is where we shine. We create the perfect listings to attract the highest quality guests and distribute them to the top online travel agencies, including Airbnb,, VRBO, Glamping Hub, and more. With our integration with leading channel managers and property management systems, we make sure that your calendars and rates are synced correctly, ensuring that your glamping business is running smoothly and profitably. 

Effortless reservation management to save you time

Don't let booking systems take all the time out of your day, we'll handle all that for you. We manage all guest communication, organize the check-in process and align with you for best hosting practices, as well as the reconciliation, and allocation of revenue so that you can focus on hosting an unforgettable glamping experience. 

Your own account manager

Your success is our top priority. That's why we assign a dedicated account manager to each of our clients. Your account manager will work with you to get your project off the ground, from creating a business case to organizing the deployment of your glamping structures and handling all guest communications.

Rate optimization

Your Branch Out account manager will leverage proven yield management methodology, business intelligence tools, and proprietary data to set base rates with variable pricing based on supply and demand to create a balance between the nightly rate and nights booked to maximize revenue and your earning potential. Our entire team trains in hospitality revenue management so the application to your glamping business is seamless.

Sustainability best practises

Glamping businesses should work in harmony with nature. We offer guidance and support to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, and embrace eco-friendly practices to minimize the impact on the environment while providing comfortable experiences for guests.


We are a partner and a champion for your glamping business

We only succeed when you do. Our pricing is based on a 15% fee via a revenue share model.


How does booking management work?

Our property management team will create your listings across several booking sites with best practices in mind that we have learned from our experience in the glamping travel industry. They will handle all guest communications, organize all reconciliation and allocation of revenue, and provide monthly booking reports.

We will collect your check-in instructions and align with you on how and what to communicate with guests so that they are still able to receive the unique experience you have to offer. All confirmed reservations and upcoming check-ins will be shared with you via email.

What is revenue optimization?

We take the stress out of you having to figure out what to charge per night. Utilizing real time competitive pricing data we implement smart dynamic pricing based on supply and demand. Your account manager will work one-on-one with you to determine the base rates for each season. Then when someone goes to book the base rate is adjusted up or down based on demand and occupancy rates. This is a best practice developed by the hotel industry to maximize revenue by creating a balance between the number or night booked and the nightly rate.

Does the 15% revenue share include financing?

No, our marketing and reservation solutions are charged at a flat fee of 15%.

We can help you get set up with structures and furnishing through our development solutions, but the revenue share will be calculated based on your specific needs.

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