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Partnering for Success in Glamping

Finding the right hosts is crucial for us, and we believe in joining forces with select partners who meet our proprietary criteria. Unlike others who offer consulting services or franchising, we co-invest with our partners to ensure mutual success.

As pioneers in the glamping industry, we not only supply the necessary equipment but also offer distribution marketing, reservation management, and rate optimization services. This allows you to seamlessly build or launch your glamping business with a much greater chance of success.

From Deployment to Customer Success


Qualified partners have the opportunity for co-investment with us. We provide the equipment that seamlessly blends into your property.

Distribution Marketing

SEO-optimized listings, distributed to top-rated online travel agencies including Airbnb, VRBO,, Glamping Hub, and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

From the start, you will work closely with someone who will uplift your property's unique story and ensure your goals are achieved.

Reservation management

Stay on top of your bookings with our reservation management solution and keep your business running smoothly. 

Rate optimization

Maximize your potential earnings using our data-driven pricing strategies that create a balance between occupancy and nightly rates.

Sustainability Practices

Glamping is a way to enjoy nature, we are committed to helping you keep your glamping business eco-friendly.

Be part of the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry

Co-Investment for Glamping Success

Success-based Partnerhip

We will provide you with the equipment without hidden fees or traditional loan hassles through a unique revenue share partnership.

Tailored Solutions

Choose from a variety of high-quality structures and furnishing packages that are in line with your vision and offer the highest ROI. 

Fast Deployment

We aim to have your new glamping units ready for your first customers within 3 months of signing your contract with us.

Discover how glamping can work for your business

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Complete our form and a member of our team will reach out to you to learn about your business and your goals.

Using our extensive data and expert industry insights, we thoroughly assess each application to ensure a successful glamping partnership.

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Get Set Up

After thorough research, we'll supply and deploy the best glamping units for your business.

Our team will begin to share your glamping business with the world, so you can start hosting your first guests within 3 months of signing your contract. 

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Enjoy Your Earnings

We’ll send you guests, reporting, and most importantly, the revenue from each stay.

We make it possible to start a glamping business without the worries. Partnering with industry experts, ensures your venture thrives. 




Grow your glamping business with confidence.

Be part of the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry
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What are the benefits of starting a glamping business?

Glamping is the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry. It is a versatile and innovative market that attracts guests with higher incomes and a desire to enjoy unique, personalized, and experience-based travel. Glamping captures audiences from camping, eco-friendly, outdoor, adventure, and luxury travel markets.

The surge in popularity has led to an increase in demand for glamping vacations that are not being met. You now have the opportunity to grow your hospitality business in a space that is calling out for expansion.

“Branch Out Ventures has helped me realize the value of Glamping along with the benefits of professional marketing. Had I not had the team’s input I would not have had the bookings and income I have had thus far.”

— Laura, BeeWeaver Honey Farm

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Is Glamping a good match for you?

Our extensive 10+ years of data have equipped us with precise insights into customer preferences, making partner selection a matter of ticking all the right boxes. If your answer to the following is a clear YES, you are off to a good start!

Nestled in nature.

Customer experience.

Outdoor Activities.

Provide basic services.

Let’s talk!

Find out how you can Branch Out and grow your glamping business with confidence.