The support you need to set up a glamping business from scratch.

glamping development in beautiful forest

Starting a Glamping busines has never been easier

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Success.

Partnering with us ensures a lower-risk, high-success path to launching your glamping business. With years of leadership in the glamping marketplace, we understand customer preferences and the keys to a thriving site. Upon qualification, we co-invest with you and supply all necessary equipment, alleviating traditional financial burdens.

How does Branch Out’s model work?

First, we use our data to qualify partners. Branch Out gets you set up with structures, furnishings, and décor, using a risk-free revenue share arrangement, as opposed to a traditional bank loan which is hard to get, requires a down payment, collateral like putting up your home mortgage, and rigid principles and interest payments. We also include our expert distribution marketing, reservation, and account management services to promote your new glamping site.

We adopt a collaborative approach and take ownership of customer acquisition, ensuring our return on investment only begins when your first customer walks in. Through our model, you minimize risks and have the flexibility to allocate your capital towards enhancing your property, thereby maximizing your success. 

Beautiful and sustainable glamping sites with high ROI

We partner with you to deliver an exceptional glamping site that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, amplifies your unique brand, and ensures a high return on investment. With sustainability and hotel-quality comfort in mind, we’ll help you to create a thoughtful design that will turn your first glampers in to life long guests.


Choose from a variety of glamping units and furnishings

bell tents
Bell Tents

One of the oldest forms of outdoor living shelters, Canvas Bell Tents are fast to deploy, simple to assemble, and easy to store in the off-season. They are one of the most popular glamping structures because they are simple in design and very versatile. 

Wall Tents

Embrace expansive comfort with our wall tents, the epitome of spacious canvas structures among our glamping offerings. Ideal for hosting family or group stays, they provide ample room for everyone to relax and unwind in style.

safari tent
Safari Tents

Glamping safari tent structures are the perfect balance of luxury and comfort, offering a blend of adventure and relaxation. These tents are constructed with aluminum and wooden poles, and need a platform to support their frame.

Everything you need delivered to your door

We organize the logistics of getting your glamping units and furnishing shipped as quickly as possible, and keep you up to date with the progress of your order. We guide you through the installation process and can source any labor you may need to help. 


Your partner in building a successful glamping business


What is glamping?

Glamping is an experience surrounded by nature, it’s waking up next to a mountain in a luxury bell tent, cozy in a warm queen-size bed, with a hot cup of coffee. It’s spending the day exploring a national park and coming back to a beautiful glamping dome with a hot tub to relax and watch the sunset.

Glamping is a nature-based travel experience that combines hotel quality comfort, unique vacation rentals, and outdoor adventure activities.

Do I qualify?

From current and future glamping-site owners to hoteliers looking to open their doors to new development opportunities, we’re here to help guide you every step of the way.

Ideal candidates for the program have a minimum of 10 acres, are within three hours of a major city, are close to national or state parks or other outdoor recreation and attractions, and have proper permitting to allow glamping on their land.

How much does it cost to set up a glamping site?

There are no upfront costs to be part of the program. We finance the units and furniture, along with providing digital marketing, distribution, reservation management, rate optimization, and account management services utilizing a revenue share agreement.

You will need to take care of any additional costs from permitting & zoning, landscaping, waste management, additional amenities, and decor. We can provide advice and guidance on these areas, but the total cost will vary, depending on your needs.

How is the revenue share calculated?

Because glamping is all about creating a unique experience, no two glamping resorts are the same, so each contract is bespoke to our client’s specific needs.

Factors that influence your contract length and percentage of revenue share:

  • Your forecasted ADR

  • Your location & onsite amenities

  • Type of units

  • Seasonality of your business

  • Proximity to major attractions, state and national parks

Do you help with marketing and reservation management too?
Do I need any special permitting to start a glamping business?

Permitting and zoning requirements vary greatly from one local jurisdiction to the next. You will need to check with your local permitting and zoning department and comply with their requirements.

Get in touch for help with permitting and zoning for glamping businesses and we can point you in the right direction.

How do I decide which unit is right for me?

Set your hospitality business up for long-term success with our marketing and reservation management services

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