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Meet Our New CEO: Fernando Clariana

In the ever-evolving landscape of business leadership, the arrival of a new CEO brings a fresh wave of enthusiasm and innovation here at Branch Out Ventures. We are proud to announce the appointment of Fernando Clariana as our new CEO, a strategic move that promises to grow the company and develop its services. 

We’re grateful for the hard work, dedication, and wisdom of our previous CEO, Bryan Estep in founding and shaping Branch Out Ventures. Bryan is now focusing on new exciting projects and spending more time in the great outdoors. 

Fernando Clariana Gortáz

We're excited to share that Fernando Clariana, who has a passion for the outdoors and was an early supporter of Glamping is now the CEO of Branch Out Ventures.

Glamping is a revolutionary concept that offers a new perspective on travel and hospitality. It inspires us to broaden our horizons and explore the world in a more meaningful and experiential way. By prioritizing guest experience, comfort, and uniqueness, entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and creating sustainable businesses that will shape the future of travel.”

Fernando Clariana 


With over 25 years of experience, 12 of which have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses at one of the most successful venture builders in Spain. Fernando is well-equipped to lead us forward in the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry.

Fernando's background spans big corporations and startups in industries like cars, education, and venture-building, giving him a special perspective on business growth and innovation. Having lived, studied, and worked in 10 cities across 4 continents including a few states across the USA, has given him a unique ability to spot fresh business opportunities and adapt to international market needs.

Beyond his professional journey, Fernando actively supports startups, having guided over 50 and invested in more than 30 of them. His expertise covers a wide range, from business development to marketing, growth, partnerships, and more. One of Fernando's initial priorities as CEO is to foster stronger relationships with Branch Out Ventures' existing clients and partners. Backed by a league of investors, his strategy centers on learning from these valued businesses, understanding their needs, and working collaboratively to achieve mutual growth, as well as continuing to develop new glamping sites across the USA. 

The USA is the land of entrepreneurial spirit, my time studying and living there sparked my everything is possible attitude. Branch Out Ventures will help turn dreams into reality. With our huge support, an experienced team, and commitment to our client's success, I am excited to partner with hosts who strive to nail the most important metric in hospitality: customer experience.

Fernando Clariana


Branch Out Ventures' unwavering support is fueling the growth of the glamping industry, with ambitious plans to deploy several hundred new units to glamping sites across the USA in the next couple of years. Check out all our existing and upcoming glamping locations!

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